A vegan foodie goes raw.

Spannender Beitrag, es lohnt sich ihn zu lesen .


In the past, I have gone raw twice for a couple of weeks and during both times I was over the moon about it. I didn’t do it last year because honestly, summer in the UK isn’t really motivational to go raw. I still missed the experience and so the decision to do it this year was very easily made.

For this time, I wanted to be a little more ambitious. I will go fully raw for the month of May, I will do more research than the last times and I will document my journey on my blog. A little word of warning at this point: It will be a trial and error situation, I am not an expert and this is my journey to discover the raw vegan lifestyle. Tips and tricks are more than welcome so feel free to leave a comment with some constructive criticism or…

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